Lewis Mitchell - His Own Words

I have been homeless for 30 years on and off, having never had my own place in all that time. Half of the 30 years has been spent on drugs and alcohol. I’ve also spent years and years in prison too, so all in all my life has been pretty hectic and chaotic. Throw in mental health issues and to some, I could be seen as a bit of a lost cause. But here at Culvery Court I am being given the chance to finally achieve my dream of having total independence and a home of my own. Here I have access to all the services that I may need to engage with, plus a key worker who can also give me any other help that I may require.

My aim is to go on to a move-on house and, whilst there, hopefully learn the necessary skills to help me when I eventually move into a property of my own. Having been in hostels in the past, I feel that here at Culvery, they go just that bit further in giving you all the help and support you need in order to get your life back on track.

Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT