Threshold present their first interactive Photographic Exhibition in a major free public and community Expo.

The exhibition features:  49 x AO sized Fine Art quality images, created and captured by service users (homeless individuals) of Threshold Swindon. Each art image is accompanied with individual QR codes so that visitors to the exhibition can scan the QR code on their own mobile device and instantly be connected to the artist, hear their voice and their short personal story of what they describe is the most precious thing they have in their possession. In addition to the prints, there is a small selection of sculpture and poetry, also created by service users.


Some narrations are as short as 8 seconds, others are a little over a minute in length. Each image and narrative is deeply personal, providing a glimpse into the existential and phenomenological realities in the lives of homeless people and the impact that scant but precious objects, or emotionally charged memories, can provide hope and metaphorical, philosophical, or tangible lifelines for these individuals.


What they hold dear to their heart and what they cherish the most.

The exhibition celebrates humanity in its qualitative richness and this beating heart within us all.


Exhibition is Open Daily, staffed by residents of Threshold

Friday 24th Nov through to New Year’s Eve


@ 5, The Plaza, Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon, SN1 1LF

Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT