The New Swindon Half Marathon 2017 - the aftermath

Sunday 3rd September 2017 was the first edition of the revamped Swindon Half Marathon and it was epic!

We set up our atmosphere station under the very British weather and prepared the scene for a very noisy welcome to all the runners. We were equipped with handmade sets of drums, water bottles and Gumi bears; ready to motivate them all!


We had 8 runners set to race. Unfortunately, one injured himself just a day before the race and couldn’t participate but 7 wore Threshold colours and ran to victory!


From the feedback we received, Claire Hyde, from Swindon Probation service, who represented Threshold said:

"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Threshold Team at the Swindon Half Marathon on the 3rd September 2017. Having only began training in June i was very nervous and anxious about what i was about to let myself in for however, on the day i didn't let my nerves get the better of me and i 'ran' through them :-). I bumped into Cliff, another runner in the Threshold Team at the Start line and as we were both aiming for the same finishing time, we ran side by side along the course. It was great to see the Threshold Tent on our travels and your encouragement really helped spur us along. Throughout the Course the crowds were amazing and cheered us on and really helped to give us the boast we needed to keep going. However there is one person i would really like to Thank and that is my running partner Cliff. I can not thank Cliff enough for his support and words of encouragement along the course. Whenever i felt like stopping or that I couldn't go on, Cliff was there by my side and with just a few words of encouragement he helped me push through and get to the end :-) I would thoroughly recommended this race to anyone who wanted to challenge themselves and also raise awareness and funds for our local charities like yourselves."

Gareth Nicholas, from NSBRC, who represented Threshold said:

“For me, as someone who doesn’t really run that much, and as someone who found the training as a bit of a chore, I found the actual day really enjoyable (apart from about mile 11!). I certainly found running alongside so many like-minded people, and being shouted and cheered along the route, and seeing familiar faces in the crowd was really helpful and gave me a big boost. And then there was the final section along Commercial Road and near the tented market which gave me extra oomph! The vibe in Old Town (Wood Street) was really really good too! “

Thank you to all that participated to the Swindon Half Marathon, whether you ran or came along to help. We all had a fantastic time and congratulations to all the runners but especially to our THL team that has raised so far £1,254.03 and counting! 


Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT