The BIG Abseil 2017 - Challenge accomplished!

It all started as a joke! Someone shared the event with me on social media and I challenged (jokingly at first) my colleagues to take part. Some of them were up for it straight away, whilst some others needed a bit of persuasion. Nevertheless, after discussion (or constant nagging by me), 9 of us signed up in the beginning of July and the anticipation began!



Each one of us carried on with our daily routine, only to be reminded of the upcoming challenge by  sponsorship requests to friends and family. Before I knew it was only a couple of days before the BIG Abseil and as I was passing by the Jurys Inn in the town centre, it really sank in. My mind raced from “What have I done? I am petrified of heights! Why on earth would I do this to myself?! Is it some sort of midlife crisis?” to “I can do this! It isn’t that high…. Just don’t look down!”

This feeling, the fear of the unknown, isn’t very much different from what our services users go through when we support them towards the diverse changes needed. It is so much easier to keep ourselves in our comfort zone, missing out on opportunities because we are scared. So I suppose this is exactly why we did it; to prove to ourselves that we can, that even if we are petrified.


I remember everyone’s faces at the top of the Jurys Inn. All of us, very quiet. The atmosphere was tense. I looked at the scenery, amazed by how far I could see. I didn’t look down though, I couldn’t! The worst part of this experience was going backwards over the scaffolding, feet in the air, being told to let go. I finally made my way down slowly but surely! I stopped a couple of times but got motivated to carry on by the cheering of my colleagues, friends and family, supporting us from the ground.

Did I enjoy it? No but I did it and that’s what matters! We proved to ourselves that even if we were petrified, we can surpass our fear, and that’s the best feeling in the world!

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in this crazy experience, whether you were abseiling down, were cheering or taking pictures, it was a real team effort and it felt fantastic! Thank you to all of you that sponsored us, your money will help us preventing homelessness in Swindon!

P.S.: Thank you for the amazing BBQ afterwards! The food was delicious! The BBQ was built by one very skilled resident! 



Written by Cai Larkins – Fundraising Coordinator @ Threshold Housing Link 

Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT