Volunteer Coordinator (voluntary position)

Working as our Volunteer Coordinator, you'll manage all elements of volunteering within Threshold. We are looking for a competent Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage our volunteers. You will be responsible for identifying individual’s skill sets, allocating responsibilities and retaining the best people. You should know how to distinguish and identify talent and do everything possible to motivate and inspire.

You must possess excellent organisational skills and ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and experience.

The goal is to ensure that our charity is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals, and that they are correctly deployed for the fulfillment of our mission.

Interested? Email michael.keenan@thl.org.uk 

Positive Activities Coordinator Volunteer

Our Positive Activities Coordinator Volunteer will develop and plan activities, outings and events for Threshold residents. You would be responsible for developing programmes, events and overseeing the implementation of activities that cultivate and support enrichment and progression pathways for residents. 

Interested? Email michael.keenan@thl.org.uk

Trauma Counsellor/ Counselling Psychologist Volunteer

As you may well imagine many of our service users and residents are individuals who have or are suffering from a traumatic physical or emotional events. Using psychological theory and research in therapeutic work to help clients with a variety of problems. We are looking for a qualified trauma counsellor / counselling psychologist that would be willing to volunteer their highly specialist skill to the benefit of others. 

Interested? Email michael.keenan@thl.org.uk


Administrative Assistant/ Reception Cover Volunteer

We are looking for a responsible administrative assistant to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. Duties of the Administrative Assistant include providing support to across our team, ensuring the efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of our office and to assisting the charity's general administrative activities.

Interested? Email michael.keenan@thl.org.uk 

Health & Wellness Social Enterprise Volunteer

This initiative perfectly aligns with our mission of improving the life opportunities of the homeless population that we serve in Swindon. 'Health & Wellness Juices' provides a positive progression pathway for residents and volunteers to advance and further cultivate essential skill development. This project not only promotes great health benefits but fortifies the road to recovery for Swindon's Homeless”.

If you’d like to volunteer in the shop email michael.keenan@thl.org.uk

Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT