6th Dec - The Big SleepOut 2019

Threshold's The Big SleepOut 2019! The countdown is on to the 6th Dec

We want to make it this biggest Solidarity Event of the year – and would love your help!

We'd love for you and as many of your friends, family, colleagues to join us this year.

Fancy A New Challenge For 2018? Why Not Skydive in Aid of Swindon's Homeless?

Challenge yourself in 2018 with your first Tandem Skydiving and experience an adrenaline rush you’ll never forget as you freefall 12,000ft in aid of Swindon’s homeless!

We have 10 places available so hurry up and reserve your space by contacting us at adminthreshold@thl.org.uk

When? Saturday 12th May 2018

Where? Army Parachute Association, Netheravon, Wiltshire, SP4 9SF

What’s the registration fee and how much do I have to raise?

Option A: £50 non-refundable deposit + £150 entry fee (paid by participant). Minimum sponsorship of £200.00


Option B: £50 non-refundable deposit + £150 entry fee (paid by Threshold Housing Link). Minimum sponsorship of £400.00.

Runvember 2017, another great success!


runvember 2017

Runvember 2017 has seen his number of participants increase yet again! 463 people have taken part in this year’s challenge, initiated and organised by the one and only Alan Butler. Every day during last November, participants braved the weather and ran/cycled/swam at least a mile to raise awareness of our charity and the rise in homelessness in our town. Each participant donated a box full of survival items to Swindon’s homeless as part of their challenge but they have also raised an amazing £1,600

Little to say that we are all ever so thankful for the amazing work all of the participants, Alan, his family and all the Runvember sponsors have achieved during this period. It was amazing to see people rallying together to make a difference to Swindon’s homeless and judging by the pictures we have seen of the warehouse, what a HUGE difference have they all made!


On behalf of Swindon’s homeless, THANK YOU!

If you would like to take part in Runvember 2018, make sure to visit www.runvember.co.uk


The Big Sleepout 2017 - what a success!

We wanted this year’s Sleepout to be the biggest we’ve had and it was! 55 people took part in this year’s Sleepout solidarity event and raised an amazing total of £14,616.28, which will go towards helping so many people off the street. Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for their amazing work!

Given the feedback we received, all participants gained a better understanding of rough sleeping and how difficult it is to sleep out under the elements.

One participant said: “What an eye opening experience. It really makes you appreciate the comforts we take for granted. One night is all I had, hard to imagine having to endure this night after night.”


Another said: “I would recommend as many people as possible attend something like this to develop some empathy.”

the big sleepout 2017

Help us make the Big Sleepout 2018 an even bigger and more enriching event.

Circle Friday 7th December 2018 now in your diaries and let all your friends and family know!  

Swindon // 1 John Street // SN1 1RT